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Article Date: 23rd July 2019

Purus - BIM Models Now Available for Purus’ 59mm Purus Line Super Low-Level Linear Drainage Channels

BIM Models - Drainage Channels - Wetroom Drainage - Floor Gullies

Purus - BIM Models

Purus, the manufacturer of wetroom drainage, floor gullies and linear channel drains, now have BIM Models available to view and download for their recently launched 59mm Purus Line linear drainage channels. Their BIM models are hosted by Magicloud and can be downloaded in Revit to assist with a smooth procurement and specification process from the early stages of a new project all the way through to project management.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an innovative and exciting tool which, since its launch, has been used increasingly in the UK Construction market. Many of Purus’ products have had BIM models available for download since before the UK Government's new regulations came into place in 2016; when they found that being quick on the uptake helped to put them at the forefront of the pioneering new technology. The 2016 regulation changes stated that all centrally procured government construction projects must be specified using BIM, and since then, the system is becoming increasingly popular internationally, with many countries worldwide now also insisting that all public works contracts must utilise BIM in the design and construction processes.

Purus’ newest product range, their 59mm Purus Line, now has BIM models available to download. The 59mm Purus Line super low-level linear drainage channels have a total height of just 59mm, making them the ideal solution for shallow screeds. Purus’ 59mm Purus Line range includes the Tile Insert version, which includes a Tile Insert Grate which tiles of your choice (up to 10mm thick) are fitted in to; and the Patterned Grate version which allows you to choose from six different grate designs. Further information on the 59mm Purus Line range, including lengths, images and technical details, is available on Purus’ website.

Purus’ new and existing BIM models are online now and ready to browse and download. Please use the email option below for more details and any enquiries.

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