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Article Date: 17th July 2019

Unitrunk - Zinc Whiskers – Understanding the Issue & Appreciating the Solution CPD

Zinc Whiskers - Cable Management - Data Centre - CIBSE CPD

Unitrunk - Zinc Whiskers

The content of the presentation is designed to be of interest to anyone who is responsible for the design, specification or installation of cable management systems with data centres or server halls.

Zinc Whiskers are by no means a new phenomenon, having been identified by NASA over 50 years ago as being a potential risk to delicate monitoring or control instrumentation hardware. As the world has developed and the passage of information by a safe and secure method becomes ever more critical, the issue of zinc whiskers, and their potential to create a problem, has become a major concern to the data centre operators and their clients.

The specification of the correct material for cable management systems to be used in data centres is crucial to addressing this issue and Unitrunk are frequently contacted to offer advice on the selection process. To address this Unitrunk have prepared this CIBSE accredited presentation to provide the correct information for eliminating or reducing the risk, we look at:-

  • What is a Zinc Whisker?
  • How are they formed?
  • What initiates the formation
  • At what point does a zinc whisker constitute a problem?
  • Knowledge of the materials most commonly used in cable management manufacture
  • How these materials perform in the elimination or reduction process.
  • How do you prevent them?

The information that is currently available proposes and supports many solutions that will reduce or eliminate the problem, however close inspection of this information reveals an inconsistency of solutions and various materials being proposed. In order to supply content that was independent, Unitrunk commissioned a report from the Material Engineering Group at the Open University who have vast experience of metal whiskers and that content forms the core of our presentation.

We hope that engineers who attend will feel confident in specifying the correct material appropriate to the client’s level of concern regarding this issue.

If you would like to receive this or any of our other CIBSE accredited CPDs - Cable Management Systems – “Minimise Volume, Maximise Potential” or Understanding the Material Selection Process, please use the email option below:

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