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Article Date: 17th June 2016

The Generator Company - Back-up Generator System Upgrade for Prestigious Motor Company

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Since 2010 The Generator Company have been working alongside one of the most established and well recognised automotive giants in the World. Its origin dates back to the late 1800’s with production commencing in the early 1900’s.

This brand is known for luxury automobiles, buses, coaches, and trucks as well as sports cars and environmentally friendly vehicles, and over the decades has maintained a reputation for its quality, durability and diversity.

The Generator Company have been designing, supplying and installing back-up generators to support their Head Offices in the UK for almost a decade.

The site has been developed over the years with the supply of new back-up generators to support the critical services of the site as they have expanded with the success of this client, subsequently there have been many alterations and upgrades to the power distribution network to ensure the most effective use of these units. It was finally decided that in 2015 a major overhaul and modernisation was required to consolidate the backup generators and control system.

With more modern applications being used throughout the business and greater technologies and IT infrastructure in operation they felt it necessary to move away from their current manual system to a more reliable, automated solution to sit more in line with current and future business processes. Therefore, The Generator Company were once again called into action to provide the best possible back-up generator system solution to meet the client’s latest requirements.

In a nutshell the client wanted to utilise 3 existing generators configured with 4 utility transformer feeds to supply 6 separate critical building loads and needed a generator solution with digital mains paralleling, thus providing a no break return system in a scenario of a loss of generator back up or a utility transformer supply. This type of back-up generator set up would provide the client with greater functionality, reduced risk of critical power supply, and more digitalised control in the event of a mains failure, guaranteeing automated generator start-up as well as the ability to synchronise all the back-up generator sets with the utility with no-break in power transitions. It would also allow for sophisticated diagnostics, remote monitoring and networkability for future use.

Following numerous site visits to assess site conditions, site constraints and existing generator services as well as client liaisons by our dedicated Project Manager and Technical Managers, The Generator Company designed a new and improved back-up generator system which would consolidate and upgrade their existing set up to achieve the clients desired results, both technically and commercially.

Once the client agreed the principle of the new system designs and The Generator Company were asked to proceed with their solution, the client was furnished with all the necessary Health & Safety documentation, risk assessments and method statements together with the scope of works for a the dual system design. At the end of October 2015 the client’s site was set up in preparation for the two new and improved back-up generator systems, hiab cranes organised and scaffolding erected. The works were then carried out in accordance with all previously agreed documentation and design specifications over the subsequent five months.

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