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Article Date: 5th June 2017

Aquilar Launches New Eco-1 & Eco-6

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Aquilar -  Eco-1 and Eco-6 alarm panels

Aquilar is proud to announce the addition of two new products to its range; the Eco-1 and Eco-6 alarm panels. Both products are suitable for use in small areas within residential or commercial buildings to provide cost effective leak detection.

Compact and discreet, the Eco-1 is ideal for placement in kitchens, bathrooms, lift pits, plant rooms and monitoring fan coil units. It is easily mounted onto walls or other flat surfaces and provides simple, yet effective, warning of leaks via an audible alarm and visible LED.

The Eco-6 is designed to work with all AquiTron and TraceTek sensing cables and can monitor up to six individual sensing zones. Like the Eco-1, the Eco-6 alerts personnel to a detected leak via both audible and visual signals. It can be used to detect water and hydrocarbon fuels, making it a very versatile product.

Both the Eco-1 and Eco-6 can be used in conjunction with an auxiliary remote alarm (such as the AT-RAP) for remote notification in locations such as reception areas and security rooms and can be muted or reset with ease.

These two new products join Aquilar’s vast range of leak detection products, for multiple applications. For further information please contact Aquilar by using the email option below:

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