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Article Date: 27th June 2017

Güntner GPC 2017 Available

Dry Coolers - Air Cooled Condensers - Plate Heat Exchangers

Guntner - GPC 2017

Condensers can now be calculated based on the mean temperature. This is an advantage particularly for the new refrigerant mixtures having a high temperature glide as the GPC takes into account their specific characteristics. This way, the effects of the temperature glide on evaporators are minimised, which always allows for a precise design perfectly adapted to individual needs.

There are also three new refrigerants with low GWP available in GPC: R-454, R-455A and R-457A.

Güntner is the only manufacturer that states the refrigerant-side pressure drop on the data sheet. This indication is a precondition for carrying out hydraulic balancing and for the energy-efficient operation of a refrigerating plant.

For a complete overview of all new and extended features of GPC 2017, please visit our website.

Although GPC 2017 is released now, GPC 2015 can still be used for designing units. However, the latter does no longer include current prices and delivery times and can no longer be updated.

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