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Article Date: 21st June 2017

Pilkington - CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

RIBA-Approved CPD - CPD Seminars - Structural Glazing Systems

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RIBA-approved CPD

We are a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and offer architects and other construction professionals high-quality CPD material delivered at your own premises.

The CPDs are assessed by RIBA and carry the prestige, good name and industry respect that the RIBA, as a 167-year-old professional institution, provides. All material is rigorously assessed within strict best practice guidelines by one of their team of assessors, all of whom are RIBA members and practicing architects. RIBA frequently re-visits the assessment process to fit in with changes in best practice guidelines and also carries out quality audits to maintain high standards.

We currently offer 2 RIBA-approved "face-to-face" CPD Seminars;

  1. Pilkington and Glass - provides a greater understanding of glass as a material and includes content on glass for Structural Glazing Systems, Energy Managment, Fire Resistance and Self-cleaning.
  2. Glass and Structural Glazing Systems - covers point-fixed, ie bolted, glass assemblies in single, double and triple-glazing for frameless curtain walling.

Pilkington Online CPD – with automated voice-over

The use of glass in buildings is a surprisingly broad subject and specifying often proves to be more complicated than it first appears. We provide an instructive CPD session which will help shed some light on the complexity and importance of specifying the right glass. It covers the essentials of each of 4 key subject areas in order to provide some guiding principles for architects and specifiers;

Structural Glazing

This section explains the design principles and components involved the innovative frameless glazing system Pilkington Planar™. It provides an understanding of typical manufacturing and production routes, different applications and support structures, plus testing and Health and Safety considerations.

Glass for Energy Management

Covers how clear, tinted and coated glasses are manufactured and how different coatings can affect heat flows through the glazing. It explains emissivity and its role in thermal insulation, U-values, g-values and how the physical limitations imposed by the solar spectrum affect the ratio of light vs heat.

Glass for Fire-resistance

Covers the crucial difference between integrity and heat insulation, the effects of extreme heat on glass, a brief overview of fire testing and why test evidence is so important as well as the type of products available in the market.

Glass for Self-cleaning

The dual action of the external coating and the alternatives, the manufacture and technology of self-cleaning glass and how it works. Design implications, installation procedures and site conditions are also considered.

The course is in the form of a Power point presentation with voiceover or notes and it should take about an hour to complete. In some places it has been necessary to quote product performance figures. Since we have validated test data for our own products it is those we have used as examples.

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