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Article Date: 29th June 2017

West London Security - Electric Gate Servicing & Repair in London

Electric Gate Servicing - Electric Gate Repair - Electric Gate

WLS - Electric gate servicing

Electric gate servicing is now one of the busiest areas of WLS’s business. Your electric gate and gate motors themselves may be sturdy and hard-wearing. However, like any other machine, we must look after them if they are to continue working correctly and safely.

That means regular gate servicing; a process in which WLS tests the gate thoroughly to ensure everything is running smoothly. We also make sure the gate’s safety devices, such as safety edges, photocells and induction loop, are doing their job. To avoid accidents, it is vital that the gate is as safe as possible.

Has your gate been regularly serviced?
Perhaps another company installed your electric gate but has not provided regular gate servicing. Maybe they failed to install the gate properly in the first place. If so, you are probably reading this because your gate has developed a fault. Alternatively, perhaps someone has driven into your gate and damaged it in some way. Maybe one side of your gate is not opening or closing, or it is only opening half way.

All kinds of problems can arise with an electric gate, particularly if you have not had it regularly serviced. You can rest assured however, that WLS has probably dealt with a similar problem before. We guarantee we will find a solution and return you gate to full working order as quickly as possible. We then recommend regular gate servicing in future, to prevent further issues.

Recent gate servicing we have done
A recent gate service we carried out was on behalf of Charlotte from Wimbledon. Charlotte originally called us because her gates were making a noise and showing signs of rust. She also wanted some extra remote controls to operate them.

As is our standard procedure, we sent Charlotte our call out rates. Once she accepted, we sent our gate engineer Renato to look at the gates. Renato checked everything was working correctly. He then recommended replacing the safety edges on the front and back of the gates, as well as the photocells, to help make the gate as safe as possible.

Charlotte's feedback
Charlotte contacted us to say, "Thank you very much to Renato, he was great, and very helpful. He recommended a couple of safety devices to make our gate as safe as possible as we have young children."

WLS provided a quotation for the extra work, which Charlotte then accepted. Once the work was completed, Charlotte said, "Overall, we were very pleased with the gate servicing WLS provided and will definitely consider using them again in future."

Talk to us about gate servicing
If you have an issue with your electric gates, or need an electric gate servicing, contact us today by using the email option below. We are an NSI Gold company, Gate Safe accredited and all our engineers are highly trained and experienced.

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