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Article Date: 22nd June 2018

Carlo Gavazzi - ET272 Self-Addressing Energy Transducer

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Carlo Gavazzi ET272 Self-addressing energy transducer

Carlo Gavazzi has launched its latest self-addressing DIN rail mounting energy transducer ET272 for the control of electrical parameters in critical load applications such as data centres or applications requiring detailed monitoring that can reach every single branch of the electrical distribution system.

The EM272 measures up to two three phase loads or up to six single phase loads simultaneously. By simply plugging-in the connector, auto connection of the primary current via the external miniature split core current sensors provide zero wiring errors. The meter is automatically programmed for CT ratio accuracy and calibration. A selection of single phase variables such as V kW, kvar, PF and total energy measurement kWh and kvarh (imported/exported) can be taken and offers instantaneous variables readout of 3 digits or energy meter readout of 6+1 digits.

Managing primary current up to 400 A using the TCD_M family of 3 split core current sensors as well as a primary current up to 10000 A using the TCDMM 3-phase adapter suitable for current sensors with 0.333 V secondary output. Designed for the EM271 and ET272 the pre-wired TCD_M with RJ11 connector; is available in 60A, 100A, 200A and 400A with various cable lengths available up to two metres.

Operating temperature range is from -25°C to +55°C and the front panel offers IP40 protection and meets the metrology standards Class 1 (kWh) of EN62053-21 and Class 2 (kvarh) of EN62053-23.

The EM272 and WM50 family suit critical load applications or where controlling multiple loads is vital such as in data centres, hospitals and universities where high reliability and extreme measurement precision is required for monitoring of any single branch of the distribution system.

As with other Carlo Gavazzi energy meters, power analysers and transducers the ET272 carries CE marking and UL certifications.

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