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Article Date: 29th June 2018

ESG - Exclusive Private Drinking Lounge to use ESG Switchable

ESG Switchable Glass - Macallan Whisky - LCD Privacy Glass

ESG Privacy on Demand for Four Degree Whisky Lounge

Situated in the vibrant South West London stands Four Degree: A contemporary Japanese restaurant with a modern European twist! Recently featured on the popular Channel 4 reality TV show, Made in Chelsea, Four Degree really is the place to be for exquisite cocktails and fine dining.

Now home to the UK’s first Macallan Whisky Lounge, the restaurants’ interior design demanded a high quality touch for their valued customers.

At ESG, we were commissioned to supply the LCD privacy glass needed to create a floor to ceiling wall partition between the Whisky Lounge and the restaurant space.

For a space, which demanded elegance, quality and privacy, our ESG switchable glass was the optimum choice. By utilising our latest 12mm LCD privacy glass with a grey switchable tint, we manufactured a total of 20m² at our UK facility before one of our preferred installation partners installed the glass partition between the two spaces.

The minimalist, frameless design was achieved by installing a minimal 25mm depth top and bottom track to hold the glass which allows an unobstructed view into the lounge showing casing its fantastic whisky displays.

ESG Privacy on Demand for Four Degree Whisky Lounge The complete installation was powered by just one of our ESG-4K Controllers and a wall mounted, wireless switch. All electrical systems were fitted with no visible wiring and busbars providing a clean, aesthetically pleasing finish.

Each switchable panel hosts a high clarity film situated between two low iron glass panels. By producing near zero haze, the glass walling will easily allow natural light to flow throughout the Lounge, while also blocking 99% of UV rays.

At the touch of a button, the glass can effortlessly change from uninterrupted views across the restaurant to instant privacy. In approximately 100 milliseconds the Whisky Lounge can be turned into an intimate space for whisky lovers, private parties and valued clients.

With the unique technology inside our 4K controllers, developed in house and exclusive to ESG, we have no doubt our switchable privacy glass will provide a stunning yet functional addition to the Four Degree restaurant, for years to come.

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