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Article Date: 7th June 2018

Uponor - What Plumbing Fittings Should I use for the Job?

Plumbing Fittings - Press Fit Fittings - Press Fit Tool

Uponor - Plumbing Fittings

At Uponor we offer a wide range of plumbing fittings, which are either compatible with our MLC or PEX pipes.

With such a large range it can often be confusing as to when to use each fitting. The content below will hopefully provide a simple guide as to when to use our Q&E, RTM and Press Fit fittings.

Please note - it is recommended that MLC pipe is used for "in front" of wall applications and PEX pipe is installed “behind the wall”.

What is Q&E?

Quick and Easy (Q&E) is the ideal solution to use when working with PEX pipes. Easy to work with, a Q&E joint can be constructed in 3 short steps:

  1. Cut the PEX pipe to the correct size using a pair of cutters
  2. Expand the pipe end using a Milwaukee M12 gun. To ensure a uniform expansion, the expander rotates according to the integrated auto rotate function
  3. Push the expanded pipe end on quickly until it stops on the fitting end. Hold until the pipe shrinks back. Ready to go!

Uponor - Plumbing FittingsQ&E fittings are compatible with a wide range of PEX pipes (12mm to 64mm) and can be used to create tapwater and radiator connections.

Why not learn more about this solution by visiting Uponor’s YouTube channel. Alternatively, if you are looking to put together a Q&E joint please download our simple how to guide.

Q&E Benefits

  • Quicker than soldering and suitable for immediate handling
  • Safe and no fire risks – no heat guns or naked flames are used
  • Clean – no messy fluxes are required
  • Simple – no rubber seals or moving parts reducing the chance of leakages
  • Minimal equipment required- PEX pipes, Q&E fittings, Cutters and M12 Milwaukee gun

2. RTM

RTM is compatible with our range of MLC pipes and is a suitable solution to choose when working with pipes ranging from 16 to 25mm.

No tools are required to make an RTM joint. Simply insert the MLC pipe into an RTM fitting and wait for the “distinctive click” to ensure that the joint is watertight. Joint security can also be guaranteed by looking through the window of the RTM fittings.

Uponor - RTM Plumbing FittingsHow does the RTM fitting work without any tools?

The high carbon steel spring ring acts as the tool itself, applying even pressure around the pipe. Through its inherent memory it then cleverly maintains this pressure, absorbing temperature fluctuations to ensure a sound watertight joint at all times.

RTM Benefits

  • Revolutionary RTM technology
  • Very secure jointing
  • Colour coded joint indicator
  • No tool dependence
  • Joint indicator – visible & audible
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Fully certified and approved
  • No soldering and pipe wrenches

3. Press Fit

Uponor - Press FitHow does the Press Fit system work?

Simply attach a fitting to the end of an MLC pipe and secure the connection with a press fit tool. Joint security is guaranteed when the coloured band falls away from the pipe.

Two press fit tools are currently available to assist you with making a joint:

  • Mini 32- for pipes ranging from 16mm-32mm
  • UP75- for pipes ranging from 16mm-110mm

Press Fit Benefits

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