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Article Date: 18th June 2019

Gilberts (Blackpool) - Pent Up about Roof Ventilation

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Gilberts Roof Ventilation

The fifth façade can make a valued contribution towards the overall aesthetics of a building by taking advantage of bespoke options for both mechanical and natural ventilation solutions.

Gilberts Blackpool, through its innovative in-house R&D capability, can produce, from scratch, bespoke roof ventilation terminals. Further, the terminals can be designed to integrate clear acrylic or glass daylight solutions - be it domed or in-plane panels - which can potentially contribute towards a zero carbon strategy.

“We enjoy a colourful, varied and exciting built environment, and the building components need to reflect that. Sometimes, standard options will not meet architectural demands, constraints,” says Gilberts’ Technical Director Roy Jones. “Any size, any shape, any where - we can develop a solution that combines effectiveness with aesthetic design, for flat and pitched roofs, that will function efficiently via mechanical exhaust, wind driven or stack effect natural ventilation strategies, whatever the demands of the design parameters and of course the challenge of local geography and climate.”

Gilberts has developed and manufactured bespoke options that have encompassed square, rectangular and even curved designs, for locations as diverse as Oxford boathouses to a butter packaging facility near the Irish coast and electrical converter stations on the Moray Firth.

The company has its own, in-house purpose-built test laboratory, which, combined with in house 3D modelling and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software, enables it to validate any bespoke penthouse design before manufacture and delivery to site.

Gilberts is Britain’s leading independent air movement specialist. The family-owned company has a heritage spanning more than 60 years, and a team recognised as experts within their respective fields. At its 95,000 sq ft head office facility, it designs, manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of components designed to deliver efficient air movement strategies in commercial environments, from internal grilles and diffusers to roof penthouses. Products are predominantly manufactured in-house, to the extent it even designs and manufactures its own jigs and tools.

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