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Article Date: 18th March 2016

Breathing Buildings - Showcasing the UK’s First Zero Energy Retail Building at CIBSE Symposium 14-15 April 2016

Zero Energy Retail Building - CIBSE Symposium - Natural Ventilation

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Breathing Buildings will be presenting a case study of the first UK zero energy retail building at the CIBSE symposium in Edinburgh on 14-15 April 2016. This building is a landmark for the UK proving that zero energy retails is not just an aspiration but can be achieved.

Dr Owen Connick, consulting manager at Breathing Buildings, will deliver the Case Study presentation and explain the holistic and integrated design features which made zero energy possible for Costa and Hammerson. The strategic goal of zero energy and the vision of the design team, led by Emission Zero, was crucial to the success. At the core of the design was the principle that the building should be as efficient as possible – to minimise the amount of energy produced on site. As part of the drive to create the most energy efficient building possible, Emission Zero turned to low energy natural ventilation. In particular, the unique natural mixing strategy in winter provided by Breathing Buildings enabled the building to operate with zero heating for all but the very coldest days.

Breathing Buildings provided the central control system to the building, linking all of the HVAC elements together and thereby ensuring that the system worked properly. There are plans to roll out the design principles across the UK and thereby help more of the retail community reduce their energy burden and associated carbon footprint.

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