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Article Date: 24th March 2016

Breathing Buildings - Internships for Imperial College & Cambridge University Undergraduate Students

Imperial College - Cambridge University - Natural Ventilation - Passive Ventilation

Breathing Buildings Bury Farm

Breathing Buildings is giving three undergraduates from Imperial College and Cambridge University the chance to experience working in the UK’s most innovative and dynamic natural and hybrid ventilation company. The undergraduates were selected from the large number of students seeking internships in the building industry. The students will have the chance to learn and contribute to the design process for ventilation in buildings, to undertake monitoring of buildings and write up case studies on some of the most exciting new buildings in the UK.

The Royal Academy of Engineering has highlighted the recruitment problem facing industry with more engineers leaving through retirement etc. than those entering the profession. It is therefore imperative that good students who are studying engineering then go on to pursue a career in engineering. In order for students to do this they not only have to complete their studies, they need to want to do engineering(!) and this means they need to be inspired about the opportunities and challenges which engineering offers. Breathing Buildings cares passionately about this, and hence we are delighted to be able to offer internships to engineering undergraduate students.

The students this year will savour the excitement and challenge which the construction industry provides by working closely with Dr Owen Connick, Consulting Manager and Dr Shaun Fitzgerald, CEO of Breathing Buildings. One of the buildings to be monitored and reviewed is the amazing refurbishment of Stapleford Granary near Cambridge. This building was previously just a dilapidated barn. However, the Ace Foundation has transformed the whole site into a music and cultural centre. The barn is now a performance space and recording studio, using R Series natural ventilation units with acoustic attenuators. The units are so quiet and provide such high levels of attenuation that they can ventilate, with mixing fans in operation, whilst a recording is being made. It is a truly remarkable achievement, and the Ace Foundation is delighted with the results. Shaun plays with Prime Brass, who recorded their latest CD in the venue and launched the disc in November 2015. The quality of the recording is so high that it had already been played on Classic FM by 2 January 2016.

The students will also look at other innovative buildings during summer 2016, with results to be published later in the year in the form of journal articles and case studies.

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