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Article Date: 10th March 2016

EMCEL Filters - Removal of Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide - Demineralised Water - Absorption Filter - CO2 Unit

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Carbon Dioxide can contaminate the demineralised water in the Combined Cycle Power Plants which can lead to corrosion. EMCEL Filters have developed an absorption filter designed to remove CO2. The demand for these filters has been steadily increasing and EMCEL have won a contract to supply a number of these to one of our customers in 2016.

For the removal of Carbon Dioxide from the airflow during filling and emptying of storage tanks.

This is of particular importance when applied to the Condensate and Demineralised Water Storage Tanks associated with Combined Cycle Power Plants. These filter units can be flange mounted directly on top of the tank’s breather or at ground level with duct connections to the tank’s inlet/outlet breather.

The units contain replaceable filter cells for the adsorption of Carbon Dioxide. Replaceable Pre and Post filters are also incorporated within the units. A pressure/vacuum relief valve is also fitted to allow the airflow to bypass the unit should the filters become blocked.

If a CO2 unit is something your company needs to look into please contact our technical sales team or for more information please use the email option below:

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