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Article Date: 29th March 2016

Flowcrete UK - Soaring in Sugarland, TX with Fogle Aviation

Fogle Aviation - Resin Flooring - Epoxy Primer - Epoxy Coating

Flowcrete - Fogle Aviation Hangar

The Fogle Aviation hangar, which sits at the site of Sugarland Regional Airport, is owned by local entrepreneur Buddy Fogle and has been built by architect Edward Associates in partnership with Thomas Craig Construction of Houston, TX.

The hangar consists of almost 1,500m² of non-residential construction space, including a 200m² mezzanine, and is the ideal home for Fogle’s collection of vintage cars and private planes.

Flowcrete’s high-traffic resin flooring system, Flowcoat HTS, was specified for installation across the hangar at a thickness of 35 – 40 mils, in a range of custom shades handpicked from Fogle’s own brand palette.

The installation team, led by John Guidry of DLS Floors, applied Flowcoat HTS to the main floor, in striking Canada grey and featuring blue walkways with a complimentary battleship grey trim.

Providing a protective concrete coating, Flowcoat HTS comprises of a solvent free epoxy primer, followed by a pigmented epoxy coating, which once cured is sealed with a highly durable, UV resistant pigmented polyurethane topcoat.

As a complete system, Flowcoat HTS provides a highly abrasion, wear and chemical resistant surface – well equipped to tackle oil, gas, aviation fuel and inevitable tyre marks.

The floor installation also features the Fogle Aviation logo inside the entrance of the hangar. This was accomplished using a custom decal stencil (size 25’ wide x 7’ height), which allowed DLS Floors to paint within the stencil using Flowseal HTS – the pigmented topcoat used within the standard system.

Fogle approached DLS Floors and Flowcrete Americas following the successful installation of the same flooring material at his manufacturing plant, located in nearby Stafford, TX in 2014.

Guidry of DLS Floors said, “The client was extremely happy with the performance of the floor we installed at his oil and gas machinery plant a couple of years back, particularly how it has stood up to heavy traffic and the rigours associated with manufacturing operations.”

“When it came to fitting out the interior of his private hangar in Sugarland, the client was looking for a robust and chemical resistant system and felt confident that the same material would be the perfect fit.”

Although from the outside, aircraft hangars can appear to be nothing but a gigantic box within which to house things, this is not the case. The hangar is not only a base for storage but also essential for the repair and maintenance of heavy, complex and highly expensive material assets.

A protective flooring system is necessary to protect the concrete substrate from chemical spillages, heavy loads and impacts.

Should the floor finish fail then it instantly affects the on-site safety and operational capacity of the hangar while at the same time lowering its value and incurring unwanted repair and maintenance costs.

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