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Article Date: 7th March 2016

Gilberts of Blackpool - British Engineering Helps Create Landmark Energy Efficient Building

British Engineering Technology - Mistrale Ventilation Louvres - External Louvres

Gilberts of Blackpool - Pontio

The long-awaited £49m Arts & Innovation Centre in Bangor, is bridging the gap between engineering and art in part through state-of-the-art British engineering technology.

Pontio, (Welsh for bridge), aims to link art, science, the University and the local community, through its provision of theatre, cinema, design & innovation centre in one building located between the main University buildings and the city.

And it has used state-of-the-art techniques to achieve high environmental standards- it used 30% less carbon than buildings of similar size in its construction, and will continue to be eco-friendly in operation, producing its own electricity and using natural ventilation solutions from the UK’s leading independent air movement specialist, Gilberts (Blackpool) Ltd, to reduce reliance on heating and air conditioning.

More than 60 of Gilberts’ innovative Mistrale ventilation louvres have been integrated into key areas of the foyer, theatre technical workshop, social learning area and energy centre.

Mistrale 75 ventilators are unique in their performance: they achieve accurate and stable airflow with air leakage as low as 5m³/hour/m²- twice as good as current Regulatory requirements, with a U value, when closed, of as little as 0.93W/m²K- equivalent to a double-glazed window.

All the units at Pontio feature Gilberts’ WPZ50 rain and weather resistant external louvres, to enable the systems to be easily integrated into the fully-glazed atrium façade.

Cross ventilation and passive stack principles have been employed to ensure appropriate air changes to maintain the internal air quality and temperature. Night cooling - a key benefit of natural ventilation strategies - is optimised to further enhance the building’s energy efficiency and ensure a comfortable environment when occupied.

Dewi Hughes, Pontio’s executive director observed, “The essence of Pontio is that it is an interdisciplinary space, in its end-use and its creation, bridging art and engineering into one landmark building. Even the detail of the ventilation reflects that ethos, where engineering has devised an unobtrusive solution that blends seamlessly into the architecture.”

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