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Article Date: 21st March 2016

Gilberts of Blackpool - Fusing Efficient Ventilation & Heating in One

Efficient Ventilation - Air Movement - Natural Ventilation - Space Heating

Gilberts Natural Ventilation Unit

Strategic thinking inside the box is enabling specifiers to fuse efficient ventilation and heating all in one.

Gilberts (Blackpool) Ltd, Britain’s leading independent air movement specialist. Has developed a natural ventilation unit that also features both heat reclamation and space heating.

The unique Mistrale MFS Fusion unit can now be optioned with an integrated LPHW coil, which provides a complete solution for both morning warm-up and any boost heating requirements.

The stand-alone unit is installed as normal through the building façade. The core MFS appliance provides natural ventilation and uniquely blends the incoming fresh air with the warmth from the exhaust air without the need for a heat exchanger. With the LPHW coil option, for morning warm-up, the coil is energized and the fan runs on full speed for approximately 20 minutes (depending on night set-back temperatures and flow temperatures) to provide an even heat distribution across the room before occupancy. The integral fan ensures maximum air blending and avoids any stratification. Gilberts has fully tested the solution within its dedicated test facility to ensure full, even mixing within the room.

In tests, utilising the boost feature, the system achieved correct mixing and temperature when an air change rate of 13 air changes/hr (55l/s standard 32 person classroom) was required.

The energy cost of running the fan for morning warm-up has been calculated at just £2.19/annum/classroom (for a standard operating installation, assuming a ‘worst case’ scenario that every morning heating will be required with a six degree lift in internal temperature).

Utilising the MFS with an integral heating solution provides significant cost savings, by removing the need for any radiators in the classroom. Furthermore, as the heat is supplied at high level, the risk of possible low surface temperature (LST) issues are also eliminated for primary and SEN school projects.

“It’s a whole new take on hybrid ventilation, and an exciting new product to bring to market. The Environmental Funding Agency has already seen the test results, and we have consultants who are now specifying the product,” says Gilberts Technical Director Roy Jones.

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