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Article Date: 4th March 2016

Panasonic Adds to its Etherea Air Conditioning Range

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Panasonic Etherea Air Conditioning Unit

Panasonic has launched two new ranges of domestic air conditioning units that are a huge step forward in air conditioning unit design, perfectly complementing its existing Etherea line up. The high spec Z and XZ range features the white Z7SKE, Z9SKE, Z12SKE, Z15SKE and Z18SKE indoor wall-mounted models, and the silver XZ7SKE, XZ9SKE, XZ12SKE, and XZ18SKE units.

The new Z range of Etherea products has been fundamentally redesigned to suit the interior of any home or commerical property. The sleek new design of the units means they are not only unobstrusive, but also more compact than ever before. With this clean, fresh, white design, the Panasonic Z range leads the market in its appearance, ensuring that wherever the units are installed they won’t impact on the look and feel of the interior aesthetic.

The unobtrusive and sleek design of the new Etherea range is echoed in the noise levels at which it operates. The new Z and XZ ranges are incredibly quiet, operating at 19dB(A), to offer the utmost comfort to the end user. This ultra-low level of noise is equivalent to night-time in the countryside, ensuring that the air conditioning units cause no disturbance to sleep or distraction in the office environment.

Whilst other systems use refrigerant R410A as standard, Panasonic's new Etherea products use the environmentally friendly R32 alternative. R32 is a single component refrigerant which means it is easy to recycle, and it also has a much lower impact on global warming, reducing the effect on global warming by 67%. By utilising this refrigerant in its new products, Panasonic is responding to customers needs and industry requirements.

The Z range includes Panasonic’s EcoNavi sensor and Nanoe i air purifying system. Econavi features an in-built human activity sensor and a new sunlight detection technology to adjust output, therefore providing the best comfort at all times, whilst still saving energy. Econavi not only optimises air flow orientation and volume, according to human presence, it also reduces cooling power automatically by no/less sunshine. With Econavi, energy savings of up to 38% are possible.

Furthermore, the Nanoe i revolutionary air-purifying system utilises nanotechnology fine particles to remove and deactivate 99% of both airborne and adhesive micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses and mould.

In addition to updating its Etherea range, Panasonic has unveiled its new TZ range of air conditioning units, which includes the TZ9-SKE, TZ12-SK, TZ15-SKE TZ18-SKE and TZ24-SKE wall mounted units. The TZ range also uses the new refrigerant R32, making it one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly units on the market. Its near silent operation, at 20dB(A), means that if offers exceptional comfort for end users, without compromising performance. The TZ models are powerful and efficient, with an outstanding energy ranking of A++/A+.

The new models are sleek and compact in design, making specifying these units an easy decision.

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