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Article Date: 21st March 2016

TROX New SCHOOLAIR Solutions from TROX Provide Ventilation without the Need for an Air Conditioning System

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The new SCHOOLAIR energy-efficient ventilation solutions from TROX enable schools and colleges to improve the classroom environment without the cost and disruption of fitting a central air conditioning system. They are completely self-contained and deliver fresh air into the classroom wherever needed without having to rely on an external air handling system, ducting or fans. SCHOOLAIR ventilation solutions operate without the need for complicated controls, but can be connected to a BMS (Building Management System) if preferred.

Four different models in the SCHOOLAIR range provide options for installation of units under the ceiling, below windows, in front of sills or vertically on walls next to windows, to suit the design of the school building. They can be used throughout the school or college to create a decentralised ventilated building without the cost and maintenance issues associated with air conditioning. Alternatively, units can be installed on an incremental basis to tackle problem zones, as part of the school’s maintenance programme, if financial resources are not available for capital investment.

Most importantly, SCHOOLAIR units improve energy efficiency significantly to reduce the school’s utility bills. They feature integrated heat recovery technology which prevents the heat from the room air being conducted outside without being used. Between 65% and 75% of the heat is recovered, via heat exchangers, as the air passes through the units, providing free preheating of the air in winter or (optional) pre-cooling in summer.

In addition, as they provide ventilation without the need to open windows, they create the ideal environment for learning whilst preventing energy wastage and reducing outside noise and distractions.

Providing adequate ventilation in schools and colleges can be challenging, but without it the learning environment can be compromised significantly. In addition to falling below the required minimum fresh air requirement of 4 l/s (litres per second) per person, stuffy, airless rooms are known to hinder concentration as well as comfort of students. The age-old solution of opening a window is far from satisfactory. In a heated room, energy is wasted, and radiators often ramp-up when a window is opened due to the perceived drop in temperature, over-heating the room unnecessarily. In today’s more energy-efficient school buildings, the degree of insulation is often higher than in older sites, which is good news for energy efficiency, but bad news when it comes to ventilation. In many schools and colleges, however, installing a centralised air conditioning system is not an option due to financial constraints.

The self-contained TROX SCHOOLAIR range is an extremely effective solution in these circumstances, providing decentralised, stand-alone ventilation. The units are space-saving and unobtrusive, and can make significant improvements to classroom comfort for a low investment cost. The TROX SCHOOLAIR-D is designed for installation under the ceiling. There are two horizontal units for installation near windows: TROX SCHOOLAIR-H (for installation onto the sill below the window) and the TROX SCHOOLAIR-B (for installation in front of the sill). There is also a vertical unit for wall installation next to windows. All models incorporate heat recovery technology for outstanding energy efficiency.

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