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Article Date: 17th March 2017

Advanced Air - Universal Truly Reversible Fan Coil

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Advanced Air - Fan Coil Unit

The universal truly reversible fan coil unit developed by Advanced Air that can have its handing easily changed in the factory or on site has had further refinements added to speed up this process.

Pre-wired looms for both right hand and left hand mounting of the control box are included as standard within the fan coil unit. Push fit connectors ensure that the electrical connections are easily and quickly made either in production or when changing the handing in the factory or on site.

As well as moving the coil through 180° the control box needs to be repositioned so that the handing change can be completed. The casing of the fan coil unit has identical side panels pre-punched to accept the control box on either side, i.e. left- handed or right handed. A blanking plate is fitted and acts as a cover over the holes that are not being used. The time taken in the factory to make a change from, say, right handed to left handed, (or vice versa), is now less than 2½ minutes for a fully completed fan coil unit. Changes on site can invariably be done in less than 5 minutes and there is no need to re-commission the fan coil unit.

Andrew Sargent, General Manager of Advanced Air, said "There are major savings in order processing time and manufacturing and the benefits this unit brings to contractors and consultants is achieved at no extra cost."

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