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Article Date: 27th March 2017

AET Flexible Space - Flexible HVAC for Jaguar Land Rover’s New Manufacturing Plant

Jaguar Land Rover - Underfloor Air Conditioning - Flexible HVAC

AET - Jaguar Land Rover’s New Manufacturing Plant

AET Flexible Space, leading provider of underfloor air conditioning systems has just completed commissioning equipment installed in the office area of the new Jaguar Land Rover manufacturing facility at the i54 Business Park in South Staffordshire. The new building is part of a manufacturing expansion plan adding to the £500 million engine plant on the i54 site which was opened at the end of 2014. The latest building has been delivered by Associated Architects in partnership with Arup.

The initial HVAC brief specified trench heating for the perimeter areas of the office facilities, however, after discussions with M&E specialists NG Bailey, it was realised that AET Fantiles with additional electric trim heaters could offer the same performance, but with greater flexibility than the trench heating system. This fitted nicely with Jaguar Land Rover’s outline strategy to create a transformational working environment, providing a showcase for environmental sustainability and AET are delighted to continue their relationship with Jaguar Land Rover which dates back to 1996.

AET - Jaguar Land Rover’s New Manufacturing PlantThe underfloor air conditioning system in the building is divided into four zones totalling a floor area of around 1274 m². The conditioned air is fed into the 400mm plenum by four CAM-C 25 downflow units, and then supplied into the workspace via fan terminal units (Fantile). A total of 56 TU4-EC Fantiles have been supplied which each feature integrated controllers, with which users can personally adjust fan speed and temperature to suit their own comfort. Underfloor systems can be configured with either underfloor, or high level return and can easily integrate with passive or other ventilation systems.

The Manufacturing Building at i54 Business Park is on track to be awarded BREEAM Excellent.

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