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Article Date: 27th March 2017

Lighting Styles - Neon Art Letters from A to M & Linkable

Neon Art Letters - Modern Art - Illuminated Wall Art

Lighting Styles - Neon Art Letter M

Text-based neon signs have been current in modern art since the 1960s and often you are limited to what they could say because of cost and finding an artisan designer who would make them! Then when you were able to find a neon sign it is simply love or lust and nothing much else. Now do not get us wrong we love to love here at Lighting Styles, but we also love to offer choice. Here you will find letters of the alphabet in the neon art form which can either be used singularly or joined together with a power supply to create a word of your choice.

On this listing you will find the first half of the alphabet plus the power supplies that suit, so for those who are unsure that means letters A through to M. Letters N to Z are also available.

Note all letters are lower case.

With every letter available you can choose to create any word in neon art form. This allows you to spell names, favourite sports teams, business name, name of your bar.... Anything! The options are endless.

Lighting Styles - Neon Art LettersInstallation is super easy, each letter comes with clips that easily attach to the wall. Once lined up your first letter plugs into the power supply, then to each following letter, the final letter requires the cable to run back to the power supply.

With a IP20 rating these are designed to be installed indoors only.

The transformer is sold separately which is available in three different capacities.

Option 1 powers a maximum of 3 letters
Option 2 powers a maximum of 9 letters
Option 3 powers a maximum of 14 letters

If you require assistance please contact our technical or sales team by using the email option below who will happily work out what components are required.

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