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Article Date: 22nd March 2018

Artemide SENSEable Village

Artemide SENSEable Village - Light&Building - Architectural LED Lighting

Artemide SENSEable Village

Artemide SENSEable Village, not simply the image of a booth designed for Light&Building by Michele De Lucchi, an architect who has partnered the company for over 30 years, but most of all a specific reference to the research that Artemide has always promoted for light that is sensitive to the needs of all human beings.

Light that has become increasingly interactive, smart and versatile for both private and public settings, indoors and out, light that has gradually been incorporated into a network of relations that goes beyond mere lighting, restyling the relationships between light, man, space and the environment.

In doing so, the brand offers a package of expertise and possible application solutions for sophisticated digital protocols and technologies to implement in the designs developed in the lighting industry: IoT interaction, sensors, Dali and DMX-RDM management, software, Artemide App, Geo-LiFi, Li-Fi.

Artemide presents a growing array of versatile systems and product families resulting from partnerships with international architects with an aperture towards the various design cultures across the globe. Consolidated partnerships such as those with BIG, Neri&Hu, Tapio Rosenius, Foster&Partners, Michele De Lucchi , Neil Poulton and CMR Project have been supplemented with new major figures from the contemporary design world: Gensler with the Series Y office system, as well as Mad architects with Pingtan.

Alejandro Aravena's Studio Elemental, winner of the 2016 Pritzker Prize, brings the number of prestigious award- winning architects who have designed products for the Artemide collection to six: from Aldo Rossi to Norman Foster, Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron, Zaha Hadid and Jean Nouvel.

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