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Article Date: 1st March 2018

Schneider Electric Announces EcoXpert™ Master Level Partners in Building Management Systems

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Schneider EcoXpert™ Master Level

Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation in energy management and automation, today announced the latest group of EcoXpert™ partners to achieve Master Level status in Building Management Systems (BMS). These companies represent the most innovative Schneider Electric partners who take building optimisation and energy efficiency to the next level by bringing disparate systems into a single user interface to optimise energy requirements and comfort control across facilities, predict maintenance requirements and make installations more efficient, durable and resilient.

The award-winning EcoXpert Partner Program is a worldwide network of Schneider Electric trained and certified partners who specialise in power management, building optimisation and energy efficiency. Its 3,000 members hail from 40 countries and represent the world’s leading system integrators, application providers and technology companies. Partners who achieve master-level status represent the top percentile of companies that are trained and certified by Schneider Electric as leaders in their field of expertise, including Critical Power, Building Management Systems, Lighting & Room Control and Data Connectivity.

“We congratulate the 2018 BMS EcoXpert Masters for their expertise in system deployment and in delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction,” said Executive Vice President, Laurent Bataille, EcoBuilding Division, Schneider Electric. “We truly appreciate the enduring loyalty of our network of EcoXpert integrators. We are proud to partner with them to pioneer the future of Building Management, leveraging Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ Building architecture to deliver improved controls that will significantly reduce energy usage while enhancing the safety, integration and operational efficiency of facilities all over the world.”

The 2018 EcoXpert Master Level Partners in BMS are:

  • Automatic Controls Limited - Edmonton – Canada
  • Convergint Technologies LTD – Canada
  • Nordic Mechanical Services Limited - Edmonton – Canada
  • NSW Contrôle Inc. - Quebec – Canada
  • ag - albrecht göpner GmbH – Germany
  • Fiehn Gebaeudeautomation GmbH – Germany
  • Hoerburger AG – Germany
  • J&K Lausser Regeltechnik GmbH – Germany
  • Josef Rehms GmbH – Germany
  • RUF Gebäudetechnik GmbH – Germany
  • Scharr Tec GmbH & Co. KG – Germany
  • Syscontrol GmbH – Germany
  • Trane Klima- und Kaeltetechnisches Buero GmbH – Germany
  • TROX HGI GmbH – Germany
  • ATAL Building Services Engineering Ltd. – Hong Kong
  • HC RT – Netherlands
  • TA Control Systems B.V. – Netherlands
  • 01 PARTNER Sp. z.o.o. – Poland
  • Centrum Systemow Komputerowych ZETO S.A. – Poland
  • ELSA Sp. z o. o. – Poland
  • EnergoSter Sp. z o.o. – Poland
  • Inster Sp. z o.o. – Poland
  • Metrolog Sp. z o.o. – Poland
  • Satchwell Polska Torun sp. z o.o. – Poland
  • T4B Sp. z o.o. – Poland
  • Vidom Halina Grazka – Poland
  • ZTOM CORAL W.Perkowski, J.Perkowski Sp.J. – Poland
  • Domótica SGTA - Gestão Técnica e Automação, Lda – Portugal
  • Easycontrol - Comércio de Sistemas de Gestão Técnica em Edifícios, LDA – Portugal
  • Microprocessador - Sistemas Digitais – Portugal
  • Diona - inzhenernye sistemy – Russia
  • Inzhiniringovaya kompaniya Uralspetsteploremont (STR Group) – Russia
  • Laborаtoriya Komforta – Russia
  • Neva Bina Ve Endüstriyel Otomasyon Sistemleri San. Tic. A.Ş – Turkey
  • Comfort Systems USA (Ohio), Inc. – United States
  • Day Automation Systems, Inc. – United States
  • Mechanical Automated Control Systems, Inc. – United States
  • North American Mechanical, Inc. – United States
  • T. M. Bier & Associates, Inc. – United State

Schneider - London SkylineMaster-level EcoXpert partners are awarded annually by Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert country channel managers and are recognised globally for their excellence. All EcoXpert partner companies receive a number of benefits including professional development, continuous coaching on the latest technologies and solutions from Schneider Electric, co-branding opportunities and access to the global EcoXpert community to drive new opportunities and expand project scopes.

EcoXpert BMS Masters develop solutions using EcoStruxure Building, an open, collaborative Internet of Things (IoT) platform for smart buildings that deliver significantly enhanced value across the building ecosystem. This solution combines proven building management software and associated hardware to enable users to gain valuable insights from building data. By collecting all of their building’s operational data in a user-friendly interface, facility managers can make their building environments smarter, more secure and comfortable and up to 30 percent more efficient, while implementing solutions to resolve energy usage issues that could affect the reliability and efficiency of the building environment.

To learn more and join the Schneider Electric EcoXpert Partner Program, please use the email option below or contact your local Schneider Electric representative.

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