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Article Date: 9th March 2018

Uponor - Comfort Flows at Principal London Refurb Thanks to Uponor

Hotel Russell Bloomsbury - Principal Hotel Company - Pipe System

Uponor - Hotel Russell in Bloomsbury

Dating back to 1898, the former Hotel Russell in Bloomsbury has undergone a £multi-million refurbishment and re-brand by Principal Hotel Company, including a plumbing installation supplied by Uponor.

The old copper piping has been replaced using PE (polyethylene) and MLC (multi-layer composite) pipe from Uponor. Fewer joints and press, push or modular fittings have enabled faster, safer installation while reducing the potential for leaks and extending the anticipated service life of the installation. The flexible system will also help to maintain water pressure and enable easier future modifications.

Uponor - Hotel Russell in BloomsburyInstalled for the hot, cold and heating water risers and main distribution, Uponor’s WRAS-approved five layer composite MLC pipe system has an aluminium core with adhesive either side and a PE inner core and outer layer.

Uponor’s Q&E PEX PE pipe was specified for the remainder of the project, offering the same rapid installation benefits, reduced joint requirements and flow rate improvement.

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