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Article Date: 12th March 2018

Vertiv - Global Leader in the Car Industry

Car Industry - Critical Infrastructure - BMW Group - Cable Management

Vertiv - BMW Group Germany

In the era of Industry 4.0, every manufacturing process, from development to
production, to logistics and delivery, needs to be underpinned by the most efficient critical infrastructure providing reliable processing power.

Data and applications need to be made available in real time in order to guarantee smooth deliveries and prompt visibility into operations for partners, customers, suppliers and employees. However, with the rise of machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and increased use of mobile terminals, the performance of BMW Group’s communication networks was being constrained by growing densities. To keep up with these demands, BMW Group needed a flexible, energy-efficient and scalable IT infrastructure that could secure reliable communications between dealers and suppliers worldwide. This approach required a tailored combination of central and local data centre components, seamlessly connecting national and international logistic centres and production sites together.

As a specialist in critical infrastructure, Vertiv was able to design, manufacture and supply a series of racks and integrated solutions to provide BMW Group with an innovative IT infrastructure.

Modular Design Giving Way to Flexibility
Vertiv recognised the unique requirements for BMW Group: a solution which serves the needs of an international organisation, while being easily available for local users in each country.

With this in mind, Vertiv designed a modular, 19” rack which can scale and adapt to the specific business needs of every branch. Moreover, the PDUs offer different multiple sockets instead of rail-mounted systems and are installed on an increasing number of electronic components within the rack. Each local IT department is now able to select items from a unique, custommade product catalogue, allowing to choose from around 30 cabinet types and accessories; including cable management, wall housing, and roof ventilator units.

Thanks to the custom design, the racks offer enhanced flexibility to support cable management, allowing engineers to install the thermal management units based on the space and service space requirements of each location. Furthermore, smooth scalability helps manage the fluctuating densities and increasing capacities within the data centres.

Focus on Quality and Logistics
Flexibility was not the only consideration involved in the design process. Drawing on a wealth of industry knowledge, Vertiv placed a great deal of emphasis on equipment quality, energy efficiency and smooth supply chain logistics. Whether orders stem directly from the corporate group or are requested through contractors, Vertiv teams work relentlessly to deliver timely products and services, also ensuring that data centre equipment is maintained and updated to the latest standards. All the products listed in the catalogue are available in a short lead time, making it easy for any BMW Group branch across the world to place an order for the required quantity simply by email.

Worldwide Service Support
Vertiv was selected not only for its first-class data centre solutions, but also for its worldwide presence and service support. As the business continues to grow, Vertiv’s local teams partner with BMW Group’s staff at every necessary site. For example, BMW Group is outfitting its new logistic centres in France, Czech Republic, Italy and Poland, while in Mexico a new factory has been recently equipped with two data centres.

Anywhere in the world, BMW Group can now count on a network of on-site experts and high-quality solutions – proving Vertiv as a genuine partner for its critical infrastructure.

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