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Article Date: 12th May 2016

ABB Helps Water Hydraulics Co. Ltd take the Pressure off its Electricity Supply

Water Hydraulics Co - Power Factor - Power Factor Correction

ABB Power Grids - power factor correction

The Water Hydraulics Co Ltd of Hull is experiencing a major surge in interest in its environmentally friendly and less costly alternative to oil-based systems and was planning to expand its production facilities.

There was however a major challenge. The site’s power supply – rated at a nominal 160 kVA, which is equivalent to 215 A maximum load – was already close to capacity. So the company was facing an investment of around £150 k to construct additional power infrastructure combined with the disruption involved in digging up local roads.

SC Humber Ltd, ABB’s power quality installation partner for northeast England, suggested that before any decision was taken a site survey should be carried out to check the site’s PF.

ABB’s specialist engineers quickly established that the site was operating at a power factor of 0.57 with an 85 kW load. The indication was that the normal load was 149 kVA with a current of 205 A. So there was a margin of just 10 A before the mains incoming fuses, rated at 215 A, would blow. In fact, working so close to the load limit was influencing the day to day running of the site, as operators had to stagger the starting of high-load equipment, such as compressors, in case the high inrush currents caused a trip.

ABB recommended the installation of 100 kVAr of power factor correction equipment based on its sophisticated Advance automatic capacitor banks. This will restore the PF at the Hull site to 0.95 with a maximum load of 124 A, effectively freeing up a margin of 81 A for the new facility.

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