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Article Date: 25th May 2016

RCM Products - Carter Press Brake at RCM

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RCM - Carter Press Brake

A Carter 3200 x 125 ton 5 axis CNC Hydraulic Downstroke Press Brake is the new addition to the RCM factory. The new machine has arrived from China and once commissioned will take pride of place in the Kempston factory. MD Andrew Baines said, "This will improve both accuracy and turnaround times significantly." As soon as the new press brake was installed and commissioning has been completed, the press brake was put to work immediately on a large order.

Until the 1950s, mechanical brakes dominated the world market. The advent of better hydraulics and computer controls have led to hydraulic machines being the most popular. Pneumatic and servo-electric machines are typically used in lower tonnage applications. Hydraulic brakes produce accurate high quality products, are reliable, use little energy and are safer because, unlike flywheel-driven presses, the motion of the ram can be easily stopped at any time in response to a safety device.

Recent improvements are mainly in the control and a device called a back gauge. A back gauge is a device that can be used to accurately position a piece of metal so that the brake puts the bend in the correct place. Furthermore, the back gauge can be programmed to move between bends to repeatedly make complex parts.

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