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Article Date: 17th May 2017

Advanced Air - Fan Coil Needs No Commissioning

Fan Coil - Pressure Independent Control Systems - Control Valve

Advanced - The Electronic Pressure Independent Valve Control System

The next generation of pressure independent control systems has been announced by Advanced Air. They have entered into a special agreement with Belimo and Advanced Air’s control specialist to design and develop an amazingly simple EPIV/Delta control package.

The EPIV/Delta means that the fan coil unit can be pre-commissioned in the factory with the set points for both water and airflow established and pre-set so there is no need for any on site commissioning.

The unit is fully addressable from a hand held device where the unit can be easily checked to ascertain that the pre-set values are being achieved even without the BMS working. The LED screen on the hand held device shows the engineer exactly what is happening with the fan coil unit. If changes to the fan coil performance are required due to design changes then the set points can easily be adjusted by the hand held device. All of this information is communicated to the BMS when it is fully operational.

This simple single point complete controls package means that everything is being supplied and fitted by the fan coil manufacturer.

Comparing the Electronic Pressure Independent Valve (EPIV/Delta) control system to the current Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) means there are no strainers, no binder test points, no complicated pipework, no commissioning. There are further benefits of creating pressure independence electronically compared to using PICV which can require 10-20kpa. The EPIV does not need this pressure to operate it as everything is achieved electronically. Consequently there is a potential energy saving with lower pressure and smaller pumps.

Andrew Sargent, Advanced Air’s General Manager, said "The EPIV/Delta would revolutionise the fan coil market because the control system has single point responsibility, i.e. the fan coil manufacturer, and offers huge benefits to the designer and installer."

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