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Article Date: 26th May 2017

CONTI+ - Are Sensor Products Relevant to the Residential Market?

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Conti+ Sensor Tap

Over the last 20 years our lives have been transformed, almost beyond recognition, by technology with smarter phones, smarter TV’s and even smarter appliances, so why not smarter taps? Could and should sensor taps be used in the home as a smart solution which brings with it the possibility to save money and energy in a simple but smart way? Exploring the details, Paul Musgrove, UK Development Manager, CONTI+.

What type of people might sensor products be useful for?

All people! They are great for families but especially useful for the young and old or those who like new technologies.

For people who suffer from limited motor skills or arthritis the function of operating the tap suddenly becomes simple, just by placing your hands under the spout the Conti Ultra range, for example, will provide optimum performance with reliably simple temperature control.

Water can be saved in the bathroom on daily tooth brushing, shaving and hand washing whilst the kitchen tap stays super clean even when you need to wash dough off your hands.

The technology for sensor taps is not new. Why do you think sensor products have not taken off before?

I believe this is down to peoples personal experience built upon commercial disappointment.

In commercial buildings across the country such as motorway services, cinema and shopping centres the sensor products have not always been good due to poor quality products, poor installation and set-up - all enough to scare people off from even considering using them at home!

Now we can provide reliable products that are as simple to install as a traditional tap, so no special skills are required. More importantly the taps performance will equal or better the current tap you have in your bathroom, en-suite or even kitchen.

Conti+ BathroomBut how easy are they to fit? Can they be retrofitted into existing kitchens and bathrooms?

The CONTI+ range of sensor taps for the home are all extremely easy to install, no special skills are required other than connecting a hot and cold water supply. The Ultra range from CONTI+ also has built in technology that learns its own environment and self-commissions when turned on.

A retro fit to remove and replace existing traditional taps can be completed in a very short time. In fact once the Ultra tap is installed even a non-trained person can maintain this tap with its above basin isolation feature.

Do I need to have an electrical supply in my bathroom?

No requirement for mains is necessary as the Ultra range is supplied as a battery version with an extraordinary 4 year life expectancy on the batteries due to its unique and patented technology (based on a user turning the tap on up to 150 times a day). Alternatively, CONTI+ have solar and turbine versions to provide sustainability and ecological advantages, with power solutions which will last up to 8 years without the need for changing batteries.

By using a sensor tap in the home a significant saving on water costs can be found as you only use the water when in the range of the sensor, typically this saving can achieve up to 70% compared to other taps.

Conti+ Sensor TapFor the kitchen, CONTI+ has a unique product that combines a traditional lever product, for day to day conventional use, with a built in close proximity sensor which provides the perfect solution for messy hands. No more touching the tap and transferring bacteria from chicken or fish just to wash your hands. Simply activate the flow with the sensor and wash in a hygienic way. Perfect for children when they are muddy or covered in paint or even adults when working in the garden or on a car, after all who hasn’t asked someone in their life to turn a tap on for them as they have messy hands. Now CONTI+ provides the solution.

For architects working on residential projects can sensor taps help towards their BREEAM rating?

CONTI+ sensor taps can achieve the 5 credits, the maximum available in BREEAM. Even with a low flow rate the performance is not compromised but delivers a jet spray on demand.

At CONTI+ we would suggest not all sensor taps are born equal, the CONTI+ Ultra range is unique, with great designs, multiple size options and now available in the UK. Talk to us about your next project.

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