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Article Date: 22nd May 2017

Frenger Exports X-Wing Radiant Cooling Chilled Beams to Barangaroo, Australia

Chilled Beams - Barangaroo C2 - Cooling Units - Air Movement

Frenger - Barangaroo C2

Frenger exports their fully in house "UK Manufactured" energy efficient Chilled Beam Technology cooling units for use in high profile building projects worldwide.

Barangaroo C2 (International House Sydney) is one of Frenger's recent exports.

Barangaroo C2 is the first commercial office building (7,910m² of office space) in Australia made completely from timber.

Located in the multi-billion Barangaroo development in Sydney’s harbour side financial district, the six-storey building, designed by Tzannes Architects, is made from engineered wood becoming a benchmark in the use of sustainable building materials.

Frenger - Barangaroo C2The building is part of Lendlease’s push towards creating Australia’s first large-scale carbon neutral community. Frenger’s “Radiant” passive X-Wing chilled beams were selected to help achieve this vision.

Our X-Wing provides cooling by both Radiant and Convection. The products radiant quotient is approximately 40% of the total cooling effect, this proportion creates no air movement which offers high thermal comfort levels. The ability of the X-Wing to cool using it’s radiant effect means, when compared to an older fin coil passive type beam which is 95% convective, the X-Wing product can deliver 40% more cooling without increasing the draught risk rating as only 60% of total cooling by air movement (convection).

Frenger - Barangaroo C2X-Wing is constructed from copper and aluminium and is 100 percent recyclable. The copper coil is produced by Frenger's in house fully automatic bespoke "state of the art" full CNC serpentine bending machine. This produces seamless sinusoidal copper coils (without any joins, hence no risk of water leakage) from 1000 meter drums of copper tubing with no joints whatsoever.

To find out more about Frenger’s X-Wing product click here.

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