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Article Date: 11th May 2017

Purus Limited’s Bespoke Channel 100 Manufactured for Richmond Holiday Park, Skegness

Richmond Holiday Park - Wetroom Drainage - Channel Drainage System

Purus Channel 100 Drainage

Purus Limited, the Swedish wetroom drainage manufacturer, have recently created bespoke Channel 100 stainless steel channels for use at the Richmond Holiday Park in Skegness. The Channel 100s with Tile Insert Grates were manufactured in 316-grade acid-resistant stainless steel by Purus Stainless in Smålandsstenar, Sweden.

The Channel 100 is Purus’ most popular stainless steel channel drainage system and with a width of just 100mm it still has a high flow capacity which equals that of wider channels. It is popular in commercial and industrial settings such as hotels, breweries, leisure centres and healthcare facilities, and is available in an extensive range of standard lengths, grate designs and load classes, as well as outlet and gully types.

Purus’ bespoke service for the Channel 100 allows channels to be manufactured to your exact requirements: they can create channels in 316-grade acid-resistant stainless steel, to any length (maximum lengths apply per floor type), with a wide range of outlet configurations and much more - please contact Purus for a quotation and more details. The bespoke service is also available for their other stainless steel channels.

You can view more information including technical drawings, images and installation instructions for the Channel 100 stainless steel channel system on Purus’ website or use the email option below for further details.

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