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Article Date: 2nd May 2018

ABB Simplifies Energy Management for Buildings, Enabling Savings of up to 30 Percent

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ABB simplifies energy management for buildings

ABB has launched a new energy and asset management portfolio; ‘Give your buildings a new dimension’ as part of its drive for greater energy efficiency through digitalisation.

The first step in managing a building’s energy consumption is to understand exactly how much is used and where this usage occurs. With this information one can highlight areas for improvement, which in turn enables buildings to become more efficient and their users to reduce costs. ABB’s metering devices are able to connect with a building’s cloud-based system and intelligently acquire, store and analyse this information to drive efficiency for the long term.

The new portfolio brings together two existing energy monitoring solutions, the CMS-700 circuit-monitoring system, and the EQmatic energy analyser. It integrates the functionality of both systems with the company’s cloud-based ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System.

The result is a fully scalable portfolio, with both embedded and external plug & play connectivity, ranging from on-premise monitoring to cloud-based services. By embedding the connectivity and software in essential power hardware, ABB’s solution integrates seamlessly into the fabric of the building.

“ABB Ability is supporting the digital transformation of public, commercial and industrial buildings and power technologies by making smarter asset and energy management second nature,” said Frank-Andreas Winter, Digital lead for ABB’s Electrification Products division. “The ‘Give your buildings a new dimension’ portfolio tailors the hardware and software to the specific needs of the customer. Its scalability provides advanced functionalities on our cloud-based ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System and can deliver cost effective digitalization using software embedded in the site’s power hardware.”

The ‘Give your buildings a new dimension’ portfolio, which can be scaled to suit a range of small to medium sized businesses, enables electrical installers, energy and facility managers, and building owners to maximize smarter building solutions in order to collect and visualize data, both on-site and remotely. This in turn optimizes energy consumption allocation and asset supervision, driving greater efficiency.

“Our harmonized offering of cloud-based energy efficiency and asset management solutions helps customers to benefit from the increasing number of connected devices and available data,” added Winter. “This results in energy savings of up to 30 percent, increased productivity and a more sustainable business model.”

The new energy and asset management portfolio enables building owners to collect valuable data, such as energy consumption from the energy distribution system, via a smart phone and use that data to save energy. This can be done in both new and existing buildings, and is especially useful on multi-site operations such as banks or chain stores, as well as industrial plants.

The ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System requires 25 percent fewer hardware components and up to 60 percent less cabling than conventional solutions. Plug & play modules or devices are enough to set up the network and cloud connectivity on new installations, as well as upgrading existing ones.

This helps ensure continuous operation and efficiency patterns through both real-time and historical reporting. Maintenance is simplified and optimized by automatic pre-warnings, customized alerts and especially via remote predictive diagnostics. EQmatic and CMS-700 complete the portfolio delivering these benefits and guaranteeing seamless scalability to further extend the possibility of application.

“This new, comprehensive solution provides the scalability small and medium-sized companies need,” said Giampiero Frisio, head of ABB’s Protection and Connection business. “They can decide how much they want to connect and monitor – and how smart they need their buildings to become. Customers can leverage the increasing number of connected devices and available insights, also upgrading their installed systems.”

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