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Article Date: 18th May 2018

DMS - Our New MAG Meters have Landed!

Electromagnetic Flow Meter - Flow Meter - Waste Water Management

DMS - FLOQUA Electromagnetic flow Meter

DMS are very pleased to reveal our latest product launch, the FLOQUA Electromagnetic flow Meter (MAG Meter).

Our new range of FLOQUA flow meters cover connection sizes from DN25 – DN2000 and can be used for water and waste water management, heat-supply systems and in many industries such as chemical and food applications. The FLOQUA is also suitable for the measurement of pure and contaminated liquids, sludge, pulp and aggressive liquids.

Part of the FLOQUA design allows it to measure the flow of electrically conductive liquids with a conductivity amount greater than 5 μS/cm in closed pipeline installations.

The FLOQUA is made from Nylon PA6, reinforced with fibre glass. The internal lining is made of polypropylene or ebonite (depending on the size). The display has an alphanumeric display and 3 programmable keys. The sensor protection rating on the FLOQUA Meter range is IP67 and these Meters are available in either a Cold Version with a temperature range of 0-60°C and a LTHW Version that can measure mediums with temperatures ranging between (-20)-110°C. Depending on which internal lining is used there may be an increase in the minimum and maximum temperatures. There’s even a High Temperature version that is rated for mediums up to 180°C.

Why should you choose FLOQUA?

Features and advantages:

  • There are no mechanical moving parts, ensuring a longer life
  • Minimal pressure losses
  • A high measurement accuracy (due to it using electromagnetic technology)
  • Density and viscosity of the liquid does not affect the measurement accuracy
  • Connection options: Flanged (DN25-DN2000) or Wafer Pattern (DN25-DN400)
  • Available with mains power supply, battery-powered and solar-powered options
  • Additional communication protocols: HART, MODBus, ProfiBus DP

For more information please contact our technical team by email below, who will be happy to assist you.

*Dependant on range chosen – speak to our sales team for more information

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