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Article Date: 20th May 2019

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Natural Daylight - Trench Heating - Cooling Units - Trench Heaters

SPC Trench Heaters

An increasing number of buildings are incorporating large areas of glazing in their design. While the increase in natural daylight is beneficial, it makes maintaining a comfortable room temperature challenging. Trench heating and cooling units are the ideal solution to the problems associated with heat losses and gains due to full height glazing.

Maintaining temperature
Solar gain is heat gain from the sun passing directly into the room through glazing or indirectly through opaque areas. Solar gains lead to an increase in room temperature especially at a building’s perimeter. In colder months, heat loss occurs through the glazing. In addition the cold surface temperature of the glass creates cold down draughts. Trench Heating and Cooling units combat these issues all year round.

Natural or Powered Units
Because warm air naturally rises our Metropolitan Natural Trench Heaters need no additional power to move air across the heat exchanger. Air convects naturally through the heating element and up over the surface of the glazing.

BMI Icopal - Aztec WestNeed increased output? Metropolitan Powered Trench Heaters use whisper quiet fans to propel the air. If your requirement is for cooling only, opt for our Metropolitan Powered Trench Coolers. Fans inside the powered units are brushless DC type and consume energy at a minimal rate. This means both our natural and powered options are extremely energy efficient.

Commercial or Domestic
In commercial use the units are ideal for offices, reception areas, hotels, restaurants, universities and more. The units sit unobtrusively in the floor beneath the glazing. Because the units take up no wall space they are an excellent space saving option. Units are also suitable for domestic use with grilles and trims available in a wide range of finishes to suit every home.

Anolok Grille Finishes
We listened carefully to architects, consultants and interior designers to create a wide range of stylish finishes for our units. This includes Anolok anodising in a range of shades for grilles and edging strips as well as satin and matt finished aluminium.

BMI Icopal - Aztec WestWe don’t believe that one size fits all! Our Leicester, UK manufacturing facility offers bespoke solutions in terms of sizes, outputs and finishes. We can also produce angled, corner and dummy pieces to suit your installation.

Support and Customisation
Is there a size, colour or finish you can’t find? Please use the email below to ask. Most custom requests can be accommodated.

Our national team of experts can provide on-site support for your trench heating and cooling projects. From help with surveys to design and installation assistance, we partner with our clients to ensure a smooth service from start to finish. Just use the email option below to get in touch.

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