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Article Date: 15th November 2016

DMS - DMS1008 – Data Logger

Data Logger - Energy Monitoring - Smart Metering - Pulse Meters

DMS-1008 – Data Logger

The DMS Metering Solutions DMS-1008 family of controllers with WIFI capability are flexible data logging devices, targeted at submetering, energy monitoring and data logging applications.

They provide a wealth of options for gathering data and storing it. All of the DMS-1008 models support pulse meter devices via their digital inputs as a minimum and the MM, WM and MB models are equipped with additional interfaces for smart metering applications. The DMS-1008 family implement industry standard protocols to ensure ease of integration.

Communications with the PC is via BACnet/IP over Ethernet. This allows the DMS-1008 family of devices integrate directly with BEMS and via OPC servers with SCADA systems.

The DMS-1008’s stylish and sturdy, low profile housing can be DIN rail mounted or wall mounted.

DMS1008 Models:

The DMS-1008 family of controllers currently consists of 4 models which support different metering technologies as follows:

  • Standard DMS-1008 which supports pulse meters only.
  • DMS-1008 MM which supports Modbus meters and devices in addition to pulse meters. The DMS-1008 MM can transfer up to 63 Modbus values and represent them as BACnet objects.
  • DMS-1008 WM which supports Wireless M-Bus meters in addition to pulse meters. The DMS-1008 WM can communicate with up to 8 Wireless M-Bus meters. When used in conjunction with the DMS-1001WM (Wireless M-Bus pulse gateway), the DMS-1008 WM can provide a convenient way to read standard pulse meters wirelessly.
  • DMS-1008 MB which supports wired M-Bus meters in addition to pulse meters. The DMS-1008 MB can transfer up to 63 values from M-Bus devices and represent them as BACnet objects. Depending on the M-Bus interface module used, the DMS-1008 MB can talk to between 10 and 63 meters over a single 2 wire connection.
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