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Article Date: 14th November 2016

Dunham-Bush - Welcome to the Comfort Zone

Heating and Cooling - LST Radiators - Radiant Heating Panels

Dunham-Bush - LST Radiator

With over 100 years experience of delivering high quality, reliable and efficient heat and cooling emitters, Dunham-Bush is in a unique position to offer specifiers a single source for a comprehensive range of technically advanced products. Whether it’s a high-rise office block, school, leisure centre, car showroom or hospital, we have a heat or cooling emitter to satisfy every application.


It is accepted practice at Dunham-Bush to maintain exceptional standards in engineering and quality. To this end, Dunham-Bush operates a quality management system to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, which is accredited by the British Standards Institute.


Dunham-Bush LST radiators are designed to deliver efficient, cost effective heat anywhere safety is of paramount importance. They are the trusted choice for hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries, playschools, retirement homes and public buildings.


Great products evolve over time. Our Evolution radiant panels are designed for ceiling and high wall mounting and reflect years of on-going research and development. The result is a range of technically advanced super efficient panels with mounting options to suit just about every ceiling and high wall application.

Evo-Lite Radiant Panel System
The standard range consists of one, two or four pipe options with the same CG, CS, FS and WS models as the Evolution panels. Working parameters are the same as the Evolution panels with outputs ranging from 86(W/m) to 444(W/m). Applications same as Evolution.

Dunham Strip Radiant Panels
Applications include heavy-duty industrial systems where HTHW up to 180°C or steam up to 10-bar is required. Outputs range from 125(W/m) to 1999(W/m).


Comfort fan convectors are designed and engineered with safety, efficiency and ease of maintenance the key criteria. With over 30 floor, wall and ceiling models in the range and outputs from 2.6 to 12.7kW and lengths from 695mm to 1495mm, there’s one to suit every application.

Avant Garde ECO Fan Convectors
ECO models are for use in conjunction with low return temperature systems (i.e. condensing boilers). The Avant Garde Series AM and BM fan convectors is the next generation heat emitter. Careful and ingenious design allows condensing boiler plants to operate at maximum efficiency at all times and with the minimum capital

Traditional low-pressure hot water (LPHW) heating systems operate at 82°C flow and 71°C return during peak loads on both compensated (radiators etc) and constant (fan convector etc) temperature systems. The Dunham-Bush Avant Garde unit is designed to operate at 55°C flow and 35°C return during peak loads, whilst maintaining the same duty, options and features as Dunham-Bush’s extensive range of Series AM and Series BM fan convector heaters.

Super Comfort
Super Comfort fan convectors are high specification units that are readily available from stock to meet fast delivery to site requirements. For absolute safety these units feature rounded corners, pencil proof metal grilles and security locks on all access panels. A top quality build ensures reliability and a long and trouble-free working life. Because all Super Comfort fan convectors operate on low temperature hot water, they provide highly efficient, fast response warm air heating, making them ideal for schools, colleges, care homes, offices and many other applications.

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