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Article Date: 16th November 2016

Kingspan Industrial Insulation - Pipe Support Inserts - Do you need Them?

Pipe Support Inserts - Pipe Support Clips - Insulated Pipe

Kingspan Industrial Insulation - Pipe Support Insert

All suspended pipework needs supporting with pipe support clips of some form, but when it comes to insulating the supported area, what do you use?

BS 5970: 2012 is the British Standard for the thermal insulation of pipework, ductwork, associated equipment and other industrial installations in the temperature range of - 100°C to +870°C. It recommends that in these applications, insulated pipe support inserts should be used and the pipe support bracket be fixed over load-bearing insulation of the same material or be compatible with the insulation used on the pipe.

Insulated pipe support inserts isolate the pipework from the pipe support bracket to limit heat transfer to and from the pipework system. They also limit thermal bridging and ensure that a continuous vapour barrier is carried out through the support system.

Kingspan Industrial Insulation - Pipe Support InsertWhich Insulated Pipe Support Inserts?

In addition to allowing a continuous vapour barrier on below ambient systems, thermal analysis of a +75°C LTHW system to EN ISO 10211:2007 has shown that the Kingspan Kooltherm Insulated Pipe Support Inserts can limit heat loss by up to 4 x more than rubber lined pipe clips, 5 x more than metal pipe clips and 10 x more than wooden pipe support inserts.

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