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Article Date: 27th November 2017

Honeywell Gent - Don’t be Alarmed

CPD Seminars - Voice Alarm System - Voice Alarm Messages

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Don’t be Alarmed CPD

A guideline for designers on the use of VA–PA systems and how they are used in conjunction with an advanced fire detection system, incorporating requirements of BS 5839-8: 2013.

Duration - 1½ hours

Who should attend? - M&E Consultants, End Users, Architects or anyone involved in the process of providing or maintaining an advanced fire detection system used in conjunction with VA–PA

External Approval - CPD Service

Course details
This presentation is aimed at providing an awareness of the requirements of the latest British Standard with regards to designing a voice alarm system, and identifying various product solutions available on the market today. It provides some background research and explains the benefit of having voice alarm messages, as opposed to simple sounders. It will highlight some of the main difficulties in system design particularly paying attention to intelligibility, which is the key differentiator between good and bad design. It certainly provides any ‘would be’ designer with the basic background to VA, the system types as defined in the Standard and offers some additional advice on how someone could advance their knowledge on the subject. It will provide details of the most common product solutions including speech sounders, central rack and distributed amplifier systems that incorporate Public Address and Fireman’s microphones.

Certificates of completion are awarded to attendees completing the course.

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