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Article Date: 9th November 2017

Permaflor - A Global Player

Flooring Systems - Raised Access Flooring - Air-Tight Flooring

Permaflor - Access Flooring

Permaflor has many years of experience working with and supplying flooring systems for a diverse range of applications, each with their unique requirements.

Permaflor products have been used in a wide range of prestigious international buildings and flooring projects and we operate on a truly global scale. Exporting to Europe and the wider world has become an increasingly important aspect of our business and we distribute through and international network of specialist agents and distributors.

Raised access flooring is the system of choice for almost all new office buildings, conference suites and meeting rooms, due to the ease with which building services can be conveniently routed in the floor void.

Data Centres
Where the requirement is for an air-tight flooring system, Permaflor precision manufacturing and full-depth edge banding aids the protection of clean-air room for telecoms and computer equipment.

Large department stores now require the facility to be adaptable, to make overnight floor plan and digital display location changes.

Permaflor systems are perfectly suited to ease this transitional requirement, with the additional benefit of special or bespoke tile finishes.

Hotel & Leisure
With most large hotels and leisure facilities having universal customer access to phones, cable TV the internet and air conditioning, a raised access floor enable a flexible and convenient option to providing these creature comforts.

Bespoke Solutions
Public bodies and service providers, such as local and national government office, libraries and administration departments are often in older buildings. Delivering modern services and communications networks becomes very financially viable, with Permaflor.

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