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Article Date: 1st November 2018

DMS - Working with Industry Leading Manufacturers in Making the Right Choice for HIU Metering (a Legislative Requirement!)

HIU Metering - Heat Network Regulations - Heat Interface Unit

DMS - HIU Metering

In order for the UK Government to achieve its carbon reduction targets it is expected that an increased number of heat networks will be installed in the coming decade, with a heat network capital investment potential of between £16 and £26 billion by 2030.

A fundamental part of the heat network is the installation of a Heat Interface Unit (HIU). HIU’s are typically installed in large apartment complexes with multiple dwellings where, rather than each dwelling being fitted with a boiler, a central boiler system provides heating and domestic hot water energy to the entire complex. The HIU then acts as a bridge between the central boiler and the heating and hot water systems of the individual apartments.

To understand the efficiency of both the Heat Network and the HIU there is a legal requirement, under the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014, to install metering where heating, cooling or hot water is supplied from a district heat network to a building occupied by more than one final customer.

DMS have been working with industry leading manufacturers, including Worcester Bosch and Oventrop, to ensure the right decision is taken on the selection of metering technology. Both of whom have, following extensive assessment of the metering technologies available, chosen the Sontex Superstatic Heat Meter range from DMS for inclusion within their HIU offering.

Sontex’s Superstatic technology, which has no moving parts, operates using a unique and patented Static measurement principle which, unlike some ultrasonic technologies, operates independently of water impurities and has no influence from magnetite fouling, or reflection or misdirection of signals.

Manufactured in Switzerland, in the heart of “Watch Valley”, the Sontex range of meters also incorporates the following features and benefits:

  • The same meter can be used for horizontal, riser and downward pipes
  • The same meter can be used for both heating and cooling applications (-20°C to 130°C).
  • Suitable for applications with Glycol up to 65% (over 100 cooling liquids programmed)
  • Best in class result (twice) against other main European manufacturers in the German AGFW Association durability test
  • Options of M-Bus, Pulse & Wireless M-Bus (MODBUS, LON & BACnet are also available within the Sontex range of products)
  • MID Class 2 and RHI approved
  • Over 10,000 meters deployed within the UK over the last 10 years

In addition to the core metering requirement for HIU’s, DMS can also facilitate and support the provision of data collection and billing systems for single and multi-occupancy applications.

For more information on our metering, data collection and billing capabilities, please contact our sales office by using the email option below.

**Interested in training on HIU metering and data collection / billing? Apply for our free lunch and learn sessions today.

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