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Article Date: 28th November 2018

EVDS Expand Hotel Portfolio

Evac System - Travelodge Welwyn Garden City - Vacuum Drainage

EVDS Travelodge Welwyn Garden City

With many hotels now being drained by an Evac system, we were delighted to finally install a system for Travelodge. Over the years, Travelodge have been unable to convert some of their chosen locations due to issues with drainage. Their new hotel in Welwyn Garden City was no different to problems previously experienced. Working closely with the architects Ratcliffe Groves, we were able to design a system that overcame the issue of the ground floor of the building being owned by tenants who did not want drainage from others passing into their premises from the hotel above. The Evac system allowed all drainage from the en-suite bathrooms to be located at high level above the corridors and drop to our main vacuum generation plant within Travelodge’s own demise.

We are sincerely hopeful that Travelodge will find this solution a huge factor when locating future development sites.

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