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Article Date: 1st November 2018

Grundfos - Scottish University Attains Top Marks for Energy Savings

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Grundfos - Scottish university

Able to trace their history back over seven centuries to 1413, today the oldest university in Scotland, has many proud boasts. Offering four faculties, that serve nearly 8,000 students and with a world-renowned reputation, this is a university that is fully committed to achieving the highest standards.

These ambitions can be seen in every aspect of the university’s operation, which includes aspiring to reach stringent environmental and energy efficiency objectives. To help to achieve this, Grundfos Pumps have been working closely with key university estate specialists, who play a key role in ensuring that all the M&E services are effectively and efficiently delivered, so as to ensure that the pumps and pump systems deliver maximum efficiencies.

Working collaboratively, the Grundfos and local onsite team have achieved some really impressive savings. For example, an upgraded installation at one site alone will save 206978 kWh, which is equal to £22,768 p.a. Savings of this nature are genuinely achievable, when you look at the whole life cycle cost relating to a pump or pumping system as the purchase price is a very small part of the equation. What this means is that, 85% of the total life cycle cost of any pump system is attributable to the energy that is required to run the pumps, meaning this is the area that should be focussed on.

To find out how much your facility could save, please use the email option below to contact Grundfos who have the pumps, knowledge and after sales skills to enable you to benefit significantly.

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