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Article Date: 13th November 2018

Trend’s IQ®VISION Graphical, Real Time User Interface is Being Used by Organisations Across the World

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Since it was launched as the successor to the pioneering 963 Supervisor, IQ®VISION has been incredibly well received across the world by Trend Partners and end users alike.

Many customers are already taking the opportunity to upgrade from 963 to IQ®VISION; using this cutting edge centralised software platform to make buildings smarter and occupants more comfortable and productive.

A leading US outdoor clothing and equipment retailer is using Trend equipment in 23 of its stores, plus its offices, data centre, manufacturing plant and distribution sites. Having been a Trend customer for many years, the system consists of IQ®2s, IQ®3s and IQ®4s which work alongside some legacy Novar controllers, all of which are supported by the IQ®VISION Supervisor. The company has recently upgraded to IQ®VISION v2, which is installed on a virtual server, so alarms can be sent via email to the maintenance crew, on a regional basis, so they can perform reactive or proactive maintenance across the entire estate.

This is a perfect example of Trend’s backwards compatibility throughout its product range, as well as integration with third party products.

A nationwide restaurant chain in the UK uses IQ®VISION to collect and analyse data so that it can better understand the operation of its restaurants and how to maximise efficiencies across their estate.

If there is a need to change the operating hours or adjust a temperature, this can be done with one command and it is then consistently deployed across the entire estate using IQ®VISION. If required, an engineer can also be dispatched to resolve an identified issue before it affects the operation or indeed customer satisfaction.

Also in the UK, a leading University enjoys a dashboard solution that uses IQ®VISION to provide students and laboratory personnel with live monitoring of their environmental conditions via tablets, PCs and smartphones, negating the use of older traditional style interfaces in multiple locations.

IQ®VISION is also in-situ at Damansara UPtown, a 24 storey structure located in the Golden Square of Petaling Jaya in Malaysia. This mixed-use building is sub-divided into four towers, comprising residential units, restaurants, cafés, cinemas, hotel, shops and offices.

Trend IQ®VISIONWith its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building certification, creating an environment that is both comfortable and energy efficient is of paramount importance and IQ®VISION was installed two years ago to ensure that Damansara UPtown operates at optimum efficiency.

As the first significant project within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), IQ®VISION integrates with and collects data from 20,000 SCADA points, 10,000 Trend IQ®4 I/O points and 5,000 open third party points across the estate.

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