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Article Date: 13th October 2016

Dimplex Gets Smart About Central Heating

Electric Radiator – Fan Coil – Heat Exchanger – Heat Pumps

Dimplex EC Smartrad

The new EC SmartRad fan-assisted electric radiator from Dimplex exceeds the performance of traditional radiators, despite being just half the size. With an upgraded fan motor and new software features, the SmartRad delivers greater efficiency and control over central heating for home and commercial premises.

Suitable for use both with high temperature boiler systems or cooler heat pump systems, EC SmartRad is a domestic fan coil that is able to deliver large amounts of heat for faster, more controlled warm up times compared to conventional radiators.

The Dimplex EC SmartRad is ideal for use with high temperature boilers. Though compact in design, the combination of large surface area heat exchanger and fan enables a room to be heated five times faster with no overshooting. Intelligent controls monitor the air temperature and automatically adjust the fan speed to closely regulate heat output room-by-room. This delivers improved comfort and energy efficiency compared to a traditional central thermostat system.

With a highly efficient EC motor offering smooth fan start-up and variable fan speed, SmartRad’s intelligent control not only automatically adjust the heat output in a room, it can also reduce fan speeds to a whisper, so it will not disturb sleepers even during the coldest nights.

Dimplex - EC SmartradChristian Hadley, installed product marketing manager for Dimplex, said: “The capability that Dimplex SmartRad provides to control your home temperature on a room-by-room basis and the ability to self-adjust fan speed to accurately maintain temperature is simply revolutionary for water systems. By replacing the home’s single thermostat we can eradicate over-heating or cold spots, and there is no need to continually be twiddling the heat up or down on radiators to try and get the temperature in a room comfortable. SmartRad does it all for you, faster, and more efficiently than ever before.”

SmartRad also boosts the efficiency of air source or ground source heat pump systems by allowing them to work at much lower flow temperature, keeping running costs to a minimum

SmartRad is also a proven response in new build and refurbishment properties where it is not always possible or practical to install underfloor heating, or wall space is at a premium. A key lock function is also available for commercial environments such as care homes, schools and hospitals, where operators would want to restrict access to the main control unit.

With four models with nominal outputs from 800W to 1800W, in a choice of white metal or white glass, there is an EC SmartRad to suit every installation.

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