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Article Date: 16th October 2017

Bilco UK - CPD Seminars

Natural Smoke Ventilation - Roof Access - Heat Exhaust Ventilators

Bilco Roof Hatch

Bilco UK offers a CPD seminar covering natural smoke ventilation and roof access for flat roofs. This seminar explains and describes current practice in providing smoke ventilation and roof access and discusses new design considerations and applications as a result of the latest Building Regulations, with particular reference to the areas of fire, safety and security. It includes best practice guidance for installation and demonstrates how the new principles have been applied.

Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators

Important New Legislation!

Brief outline of CPD content:

  • New regulations and standards including the recent legislative requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (1st July 2013). This now requires all smoke vents to be CE marked and supplied with a Declaration of Conformity
  • Document B, EN 12101-2, BS9999 and BRE79204 – how they apply to natural smoke ventilation
  • What the legislation means to you as a specifier
  • Typical use and types of smoke vent available
  • Control system options
  • Design considerations when specifying smoke vents

Access All Areas

The new CPD from Bilco "Access All Areas" covers the full range of access products from roof access hatches to floor doors and also looks at the use of smoke vents, ladders and safety products. It looks at the most appropriate solutions for access requirements and examines what considerations should be made when specifying these for a project.

Following the introduction of Bilco Assist (an online aid to selecting the right access solution), the CPD looks at the key types of access required and explores the most cost effective and safest options to meet these. The CPD will also discuss smoke vents (which can also be used for access) and the various control options for these, in addition to looking at the various design considerations when specifying these for a project.

The CPD gives an overview of roof and floor access solutions, and whilst not being overly technical, is intended to give the audience a good understanding of what needs to be taken into consideration when specifying access. It is ideal for Architects, Facility Managers, Project Managers, in fact, for anyone who is involved in the specification, selection or procurement of access products.

Brief outline of CPD content:

  • Purpose/Reason For Access
  • Frequency of Access
  • Safe Operation
  • The Correct Ladder
  • Smoke Vents & CE Marking
  • Relevant Regulations & Standards

For more information or to make arrangements for a Bilco UK CPD presentation at your office, please use the email option below:

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