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Article Date: 20th October 2017

CONTI+ - Hygienic Bathing with the CONTI+ CNX Water Management System

Hygienic Bathing - Water Management System - Nautilust Leisure Centre

CONTI+ - The Nautilust Leisure Centre in Gladenbach

The Nautilust Leisure Centre in Gladenbach, mid Germany has undertaken a major renovation project including water facilities, showers and changing rooms. The leisure facility incorporates 7 interior and exterior pools and have utilised the CNX water management system from CONTI+ to remotely maintain and monitor their urinals, showers and taps.

The CONTI+ CNX water management system offers complete management of up to 150 connected products; urinals, taps or showers, where object-centric or customer-centric tasks such as hygienic flushing and thermal disinfection can be controlled through its intuitive user interface. Logging, safety routines and verifiable function checks of all hygienic measures provide reassurance to all users of the quality management of the water system whilst providing essential proof of safety reports for the local authorities.

CONTI+ - The Nautilust Leisure Centre in GladenbachHaving installed one of the first water management systems, the team at SEB Gladenbach GmbH, a subsidiary of the city of Gladenbach, already understood the significant cost benefits of automated systems due to reduced repair costs.

"Therefore, at the beginning of 2016, the decision was very simple for Conti Sanitärarmaturen GmbH to set up a pilot plant for its new, innovative CONTI Network eXchange - CNX water management system", comments Heinrich Reitz, Technical Operations Manager. "The hygiene and thus the avoidance of germ contamination, among other things Legionella as well as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and the health of our guests who take approximately 200,000 showers per annum is very important to us."

Photo credit: © Freizeitbad Nautilust

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