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Article Date: 30th October 2017

MatsDirect - Iconic Port of Liverpool Building Gets New Entrance Matting System

Port of Liverpool Building - Entrance Matting - Entrance Mat

MatsDirect - Port of Liverpool building entrance matting

The 6 main entrances of the Port of Liverpool building have all had the new Matrix entrance matting modules fitted to keep the building's appearance up to scratch as the old Coir matting had come to the end of its lifecycle.

When the maintenance team of the port building decided to replace the entrance matting in the six main entrances they had a choice from many companies offering different solutions and soon realised that the Coir that had been installed many years ago has been superseded by many new entrance matting systems which are much more effective.

The criteria was that the system needed to sympathetic to the fabric of the building and particularly the floor detail so when MatsDirect offered the Matrix Rubber entrance matting module system with a brown Nylon carpet infil to retain the original Coir impression but utilising the modern design and cleaning ability of the Matrix design.

The installation was clean and simple without causing any disruption to the smooth operation of the workings of the buildings many clients. Matrix entrance matting modules are simple to install and require no templating for the circular and semi-circluar matwells as an experience carpet fitter is well capable of creating the perfect fit on site with the use of minimal hand tools.

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