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Article Date: 5th October 2017

RCM Products - British Manufacturing at its Best

British Manufacturing - Basildon Court - Continuous Enclosures - Acoustic Louvres

RCM - continuous enclosures

Another high level, high quality job by RCM Products was completed at Basildon Crown Courts over the May 2017 bank holiday weekend. A team of between 4 and 8 people worked over the bank holiday to install 13 x 8 metres of continuous enclosures with 2 access doors. The acoustic louvres were lifted by crane onto the roof prior to the bank holiday weekend. Installation could only be achieved whilst the courts were not in session, so the bank holiday weekend was the ideal time. A further two visits for fine tuning and the installation was complete.

During the weekend on opening the location a fox was found in one of the courts, it had found its way in whilst the building was open but was released unharmed but hungry.

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