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Article Date: 26th October 2017

Schneider Electric - With a Score of 9.01/10 in Q3 2017, the Planet & Society Barometer Reaches its 2017 Target One Quarter Before the Deadline

Planet and Society Barometer - Energy Management - Energy Automation

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As per the previous three years, Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, announces its financial and non-financial results, for the third quarter of 2017. Schneider Electric uses 16 indicators from the 2015-2017 Planet & Society barometer to measure its ambitious commitment to sustainable development on a quarterly basis. Reaching a total score of 9.01/10 at the end of September 2017, Schneider Electric exceeds its barometer target of 8.63/10 for the quarter. The barometer’s score having reached 8.48/10 at the end of December 2016, its 2017 target has been restated at 9/10 instead of 8/10 initially.

The non-financial results by indicator are as follows:

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Gilles Vermot Desroches, Sustainability Senior VP at Schneider Electric, commented: "We are particularly proud to have been selected again in the CDP Climate A list in recognition of our strategy serving energy transition technologies and our efforts to reduce our own CO2 emissions. This performance, achieved for the 7th year in a row, is particularly noteworthy and encourages us to continue our mission to bring energy for everyone, everywhere and at every moment with our technology. This Quarter, Schneider Electric is also the winner of the "Integrated Thinking" awards’ first edition for the quality of its commitment, over time, in favor of a development model taking into account the economic, social, societal and environmental dimensions."

Highlights of this quarter

On the Planet pillar:

  • The indicator "10% energy savings" achieves 9.2% energy savings at the Group's main sites, covering 80% of its total published energy consumption. The Group's industrial activities include a high proportion of manual or automatic assembly, and few of its processes are highly energy-intensive. However, Schneider Electric wishes to set an example in the reduction of energy consumption, and uses its own technologies and software to drive energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.

  • The indicator "Towards zero waste to landfill for 100 industrial sites" has exceeded its target and, in the third quarter of 2017, registers 116 sites meeting the requirements of "Towards Zero Waste to Landfill." In 2015, a new environmental strategy was put in place, notably focused on a step up in waste management through the "Waste as Worth" program. This program, rolled out throughout the period of the 2015-2017 Schneider is On company program, includes, in addition to the indicator published in the Planet & Society barometer: the implementation of specific actions to reduce and reuse a maximum of thermoplastic, metal and transport packaging waste; and the implementation of an initiative to maximise value recovery from metal waste, focusing on sites generating the largest volumes.

On the Profit pillar:

  • The indicator "120,000 tons of CO2 avoided through maintenance, retrofit and end-of-life services" shows 148,415 tons of CO2 avoided. Since 2009, Schneider Electric has been looking to create SF6 gas recovery processes for end-of-life products around the world. Schneider Electric has structured and reinforced its commercial offers around the EOL (End-Of-Life) program through partnerships with hazardous waste management licensed holders, and other recycling companies. EOL is a service offer that can meet the need for timely or planned recycling of old appliances (standalone mode) or be grouped with an offer to upgrade ecoFitTM-type installations (replacing old appliances with new, higher performance appliances).

  • The indicator "x5 turnover of Access to Energy program to promote development" shows stable performance. Access to Energy program’s turnover in Q3 2017 is 2.09 times higher than in Q3 2014. As a reminder, following the disposal of a subsidiary at the end of 2016, its sales were excluded from the 2016 result without modifying either the baseline of 2014 or the target by 2017, thus increasing the requirements linked to the objective of multiplying by 5 the turnover of 2014. Schneider Electric sets out to provide comprehensive energy access solutions that support revenue-generating entrepreneurial activities, foster community services or fulfill domestic needs. Products and solutions are developed to meet a range of both individual and community needs across the energy chain, from portable lamps and solar home systems to decentralised small power plants, water pumping systems and street lighting.

On the People pillar:

  • The indicator "One day training for every employee every year" remains stable above its target, with 85.2% of employees having received at least one training day in the year. In 2016, the Group redefined its training strategy around three components: a culture of inclusive training by pursuing its goal of one day training per year and per employee; the development of the best experts by function – this includes defining a learning path for positions considered crucial, insisting on experience and recommendations on top of formal training; a willingness to offer more digital content, that is richer and more social (in the social network meaning of the term), and take advantage of the My Learning Link platform to measure the activity as well as the impact of the training programs on employee productivity and commitment.

  • The indicator "150,000 underprivileged people trained in energy management" continues to grow towards its goal, with 143,756 people trained. This quarter was marked by the launch in India of a new electrician training center for prisoners in Srinagar’s Central Jail (Jammu and Kashmir). This project is part of our basic training, which is free and accessible to a large number of people, and adapted as much as possible to the local situation. After a few months, these training courses lead to the issuing of a certificate of competence by Schneider Electric.
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